Thursday, 5 September 2013

Seven Lessons in Wellness and Healing that Life Taught Me- Day 5

 (I am participating in Write Tribe's Festival of Words from 1st to 7th September and my theme for the festival  is Seven Lessons in Wellness and Healing that Life Taught Me.)

Seven Wellness Mantras that Often Work for Me.

Listen to the beats of the silence .

Sit on the floor . Let the humility of the Earth permeate through your entire being . Bargain moments .

Rescue a moth from the sea .

Make new  friends

Play , Play and Play .

Unearth the tiny universe within

(C) : Sridevi Datta

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Seven Lessons in Wellness and Healing that Life Taught Me- Day 4

Did all my observations heal me ? Most of the time they did. But sometimes I had to put in more effort   because in an unguarded moment , a memory would  lodge itself into my mind and the hurt would seep right in . I had to decant .Filter out the filth associated with the memory , come back to the state I was in before the memory struck . Yes I had to be a ZERO all over again – ZERO  where every negative has an equal positive, zero -from which a new system births , ZERO- a new beginning , a new stepping stone .
Silence and mediation helped me to achieve my ZERO state . But was it easy ? Certainly not .Even behind my closed eyes , even in the quietness of my darkened room , noises from the past would invariably ooze in . That was when I realized I had to separate myself from my emotions. I needed to become a spectator to myself or rather for those few moments I had to stay on the outside of myself.

Once I decided to stay on the outside of myself, watching my emotions with the detached eyes of an observer  became  lots more easier . In soft undertones, I would repeat to myself “I forgive _____” once , twice, thrice , four times till my whole body would  start reverberating with the vibrations of forgiveness . In the end , I would feel considerably lighter  , more equipped to deal with the daily grind of life .

So go ahead , do a favor to yourself  ; Forgive others and forgive yourself because no one ever deserves  extra baggage .

(C) : Sridevi Datta

Seven Lessons in Wellness and Healing that Life Taught Me- Day 3

 (I am participating in Write Tribe's Festival of Words from 1st to 7th September and my theme for the festival  is Seven Lessons in Wellness and Healing that Life Taught Me.)

On Positive and Negative energies 

Many years ago, I flunked a major accounting exam for the second time in a row . The exam , a National  one used to have a rigid criteria for pass and I would miss the winning line by a mere margin of one or two marks . I was twenty five at that time with a small baby and a husband who used to sail on the seas .  That was the time when a person whose opinion mattered a lot to me came and told me in a very somber tones that I did not possess the required intelligence either to take care of the baby or study . I was naïve and I believed her and in doing so I pushed myself into a vortex of negative energies where,

My self esteem plummeted into an all time low,

I was always doubting my self worth ,

I blamed myself every time I failed (Here let me tell you that looking at failure objectively is different from blaming yourself. The former creates while the latter destroys),

 I looked at genuine appreciation with a doubtful eye and

I was at constant loggerheads with myself.

Once I realized, I was letting the negativity rule my life, all I had to was convert it into positive , self affirming energy . Easier said than done perhaps , but once I decided upon it , everything became a lot  less difficult .

I would  go on long walks and observe life with all the contradictions and paradoxes it contained . I observed how  death brought in its wake more companions than life. I would watch the eager young faces of the school children as they stood for their morning assembly . I would listen to the song of the night bird as it prepared its nest for slumber . I would watch the goatherd winding his way across the distant hill and wonder whether the silence out there was as real as it seemed .

(More on Positive and Negative Energies in the next post) 

(C) :Sridevi Datta

Monday, 2 September 2013

Seven Lessons in Wellness and Healing that Life Taught Me- Day 2

 (I am participating in Write Tribe's Festival of Words from 1st to 7th September and my theme for the festival  is Seven Lessons in Wellness and Healing that Life Taught Me.)
In the last post we have seen how the deadly combination of a weighing scale and a food journal wreaked havoc in your life. Now you know , you cannot fit into those clingy college jeans of yours . You know you cannot gyrate to the beats of the music in that distant cousin’s marriage ‘coz you have not reached your “weight goal”. The days stretch ahead of you funless, snackless and saltless . You are ready to give up . But wait not yet !

So what do you do ? I would suggest crumple that food journal into a ball and push that weighing machine into some obscure corner of your shelf . Now , go and sit in some place quiet  and ask yourself these questions . 


·         How is your breath ?Short ? Forced ? Effortless?

·         How often do you let fatigue rule your life ?

·         How often do you scream at your kids ( yes..yes the one last time always) ?

·         How often do you complain of aches ?

·         How often do you find yourself postponing commitments simply because your energymeter  always eerily points towards negative ?

·         How often do you  imagine yourself  being afflicted with strange exotic  ailments ?

Once the answers whisper themselves to you, inhale deeply. Gaze into the distant horizon. Watch the brown sparrows hopping near your feet , flapping their wings to cover tiny distances . A little above them , see the parakeets and mynahs , chattering noisily with each other and much high above them  ruling the skies ,watch the mighty eagle , who traverses great heights with just a little amount of energy .

In the next post , we shall read about positive and negative energies that control our life .

(C) : Sridevi Datta

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Seven Lessons in Wellness and Healing that Life Taught Me- Day 1

(I am participating in Write Tribe's Festival of Words from 1st to 7th September and my theme for the festival  is Seven Lessons in Wellness and Healing that Life Taught Me.)

Imagine this all too familiar scene. You are walking past the bakers with a five year old in tow. You are famished and hungry. Just then the glass doors slide open and an enticing aroma of chocolate, vanilla and fresh warm cinnamon bread assails your nostrils. You hasten your steps and are about to leave when the child with you tugs at your arm and pulls you in . Reluctantly you follow the child and slowly  as though in a surreal dream your eyes begin holding visions of the chocolate soufflé , lemon tart and the tiny pizzas sitting enticingly in their shelves . The child orders a flaky , crusty patty for herself . After guiltily taking a few tiny bites , you order one for yourself . The sweet pungent sauces coat your tongue and as you gulp a bottle of coke , you suddenly realize …the food journal of course !  But still in a haze , order another black forest pastry for yourself . Of course the ‘Food Journal’ need not know everything  isn’t it ?

The next day you begin a “detoxifying trip” , more of “load shedding trip” or let us say “Guilt shedding” trip.  You learn to survive on cabbage leaves and orange peels and the third day you gingerly step on those digital weighing scale you recently purchased.  Suddenly your eyes pop out as you realize you have gained some hundred milligrams of weight . You are angry . You feel cheated because since the last few days , you have morphed into a rabbit chewing and chomping on all leaves . You want to kick the darned contraption out of your window out of your window and out of your life . But you keep it carefully beside the food journal and promise yourself that the next time, you would make  it would work for you . You promise yourself you won’t touch the pizza with a barge pole and would maintain that food journal with the honesty of  Mother Teresa .

But are things really that simple ? Let us read in the next post .

(c) : Sridevi Datta

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Inhaling Memories

Dear Childhood,

You left me far behind and went away  in search of greener pastures. But I could never let go of you completely . Many a time , I  dragged you by the arm , made you sit by me and gaze at life languidly . Like now, when I open the canister of wheat fresh from the mill and started kneading the dough . J who never tires of cooking says he too wants to knead the dough . Laughingly I hand  him the new set of play dough that I had  purchased for him . Eyes sparkling with joy , J opens the tiny box of playdoh and  inhales the contents deeply .

‘Know Amma …”, he prattles in his childish voice , ‘This is my favoritest smell…’ I smile knowingly .J in no time rolls a lump of bright blue dough into a tiny chapatti . I tell him to fry it on his tiny griddle . Oh ! He does it with such aplomb and such pride . I tell him I envy the way he makes his chapattis . As he sets about roasting his chapattis , I recall with a smile , how I would smell everything that came my way when the schools reopened .  Text books , crayons , ink , pencils , rubbers and sharpeners , satchels and hold your breath ..even the shoes ! And know a secret . To me each text book smelled different .

Geography smelled of lands far and near . of grasslands and snow peaks and burning logs under a wide canopy of galaxies . History smelled of valor and courage and blood spilled on battle fields .For some strange reason that always made me tad sorrowful. And well math smelled of mystery … mystery I could never solve .But perhaps that was because yours truly could never decipher the symbols that made up many a perfect equation.  

And well as you might have correctly guessed , I loved the smell of English Reader the most . For where else could you take a look  right into Wordsworth’s eyes as his heart envisioned so lovingly “A host of golden daffodils ; beside the lake , beneath the trees, fluttering and dancing in the breeze” . Where else could you memorize their delicious fragrance “Ten thousand saw I at a glance. Tossing their heads in a sprightly dance” .

Even as I converse with you , J comes running to me . He serves me his tiny blue chapathis and I serve him my round ones liberally smeared with ghee . The aromas of kitchen gently waft by . Roasted Cumin and freshly chopped coriander , spiced up with raw mango and green chilies . J smells the spread in front of him and heartily tucks in . I smile contentedly .

I open the windows and watch the sun disappearing behind the hills . The sky is filled with the chatter of mynahs and parakeets. The horizon is a mass of pink and orange streaks . A cool breeze blows across my face . I feel contentment seep in through every pore of my being . Just then it starts raining . Big fat drops begin hitting the asphalt down below. P who had been studying all along comes running out and tries to hold the raindrops on his palm. Moments later J too comes out blowing bubbles. The bubbles blend with the rain and a joyous giggle emanates from his throat.

I lift my head and inhale deeply the heady, earthy fragrance of rain as it mingles with the jasmine buds in my balcony

‘Amma…what are you smelling?’, asks J innocently .

‘Hope’, I reply as  I  take in another deep whiff .

Written for Indibloggers’ “Smelly to Smiley” contest in association with “AmbiPurIndia

(C) : Sridevi Datta